Ask our visitors (young and not-so-young) about their favorite memories of Marshy Point Nature Center, and most will include one of our many onsite animals. How excited do you think they’d be to be able to ‘adopt’ their favorite Marshy Point animal for a year?

Barred owlBy becoming an adoptive parent to one of the animals living at the Nature Center, you can purchase the perfect gift for yourself or someone else while helping Marshy Point maintain and improve its Center and animal habitats.

For $40, you can adopt:

  • Mr. Hootie, our resident barred owl
  • Quacky or Frankie, our resident mallard ducks
  • Tess, our resident kestrel

Side profile of turkeyFor $25, you can adopt:

  • One of our turkeys
  • One of our snakes (milk snake, corn snake, or black rat snake)
  • One of our diamondback terrapins, Maryland’s state reptile
  • One of our snapping turtles

Each adoptee will receive a personalized Certificate of Adoption, a profile of the animal, as well as a picture of your individual animal. Also, in 2018 we will be hosting an Adopters Event exclusively for individuals and families who have adopted one of our animals.

How to Adopt

Adoptions are on an annual basis, so all adoptions received from now until Autumn 2018 will be for the 2018 calendar year (January to December 2018).

STEP 1: Select what animal you want to adopt on our Online Payments page. You will be connected to PayPal to complete the payment.

STEP 2: Then, please also contact us and let us know:

  • That you have paid for the adoption online.
  • How you want the name on the certificate to be spelled (if a different spelling than the contact name).
  • If a gift, please list the giftee’s name (as it should appear on their certificate) and their address. Also state whether you want the adoption package to go directly to them, or to you first.

Thank you!