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Cattails Newsletter

Cattails Newsletter

Bridge over water with cattailsCattails is the newsletter produced by the Marshy Point Nature Center Council. It contains Marshy Point news and photos, information on local plants and animals, and a look at upcoming events and activities.

Copies of the most recent issue are available at the Nature Center. Marshy Point members also receive the newsletter by e-mail or postal mail.

Current Issue

Winter 2022 Cattails (December 2022-February 2023)

Past Issues

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Fall (Sept.-Nov 2022)2022
Summer (June-Aug. 2022)
Spring (March-May 2022)



Spring (March-May 2021)
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Winter (Dec. 2021-Feb. 2022)



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Spring (March-May 2016)
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Winter (Dec. 2015-Feb. 2016)