Get a “bird’s eye view” atop an osprey platform on Dundee Creek near Marshy Point!

(You can also see it larger on our YouTube channel.)

Started in March 2016, Marshy Point’s solar-powered camera offers a 24-7 view from the platform. Shortly after the camera was installed, an osprey pair built a nest on the site, laid eggs, and raised an osprey chick.

In late March 2017, another osprey pair made a nest and raised two osprey chicks.

In early 2018, we made some improvements to our camera feed and installed a new microphone for better sound.

In March, an osprey pair returned and built their nest on our platform. Three eggs were laid on April 17, 20, and 23rd, although one was later removed by the female in May. (Osprey are known to do that if the egg becomes unviable.) The first egg hatched on May 27th and the other followed the day after.

Both of our osprey chicks fledged the nest in late July. The parents migrated separately to South America near the end of August. The juveniles hung around for another month or so.

An osprey pair returned in early April 2019 and have begun building a nest. Watch as they improve their nest and begin laying eggs toward the end of April.

The camera is made possible with support from KDM Security Solutions and A2Z Security Cameras.