Pokemon Go 4! Last one for 2016!
Pokemon Go 4! Last one for 2016!

Pokemon Go 4! Last one for 2016!

Join fellow Pokemon Go players from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm this Friday, November 4, at Marshy Point! Have fun while also supporting the Marshy Point Nature Center Council. This is the last one for the year!

We have 7 Pokestops that make a 5-minute oval through the Marshy Point parking lot. We brought hundreds of Pokémon out last time, including several rare Pokemon.

No driving will be allowed; please follow instructions, park, and walk. Carpooling is encouraged!

There will be raffles, food, snacks, and drinks available. Make sure your phones are fully charged! Limited household power outlets will be available for charging.

A donation of $10 per carload will support the Council and its programs at Marshy Point.

Please note: Some Sprint users have a problem getting a decent signal in the park. If you haven’t already done so, stop by some time before the event to see if you get a decent cellular signal while walking. If you have a friend with a different carrier, they may be kind enough to let you log in on their phone for some of the night.

Should you require special accommodations (i.e., language interpreter, large print, etc.), please call ahead of the event: 410.887.5370 (TDD/Deaf: 410.887.5319).